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Interior Painting Preperation

Posted on August 22, 2010 at 4:40 PM
Next to using top quality paint, primers, and proper preparation you will have a beautiful investment that will last a lifetime. Inadequate or incomplete painting preparation is the major reason for failures of the finish. For best results we have developed a step by step work method.
  • Proper analysis and solutions to problems.
  • Investigation - finding and repairing source(s) of problems like mold, mildew, cracking, peeling, fading, rotting, rusting, etc.  
  • Application - correct knowledge, tools, products, and techniques make for long lasting professional results.  
  • Organization - proper sequence keeps the work site safe, efficient, effective, and hassle free.
 Our Interior Painting Procedure:
  1.  Set-Up-Furniture and accessories are placed in the center of the room and covered with new plastic, all floors are protected with clean drop cloths. 
  2. Washing-We hand wash any walls that have contaminants on them, such as kitchens from cooking grease, smoke damaged walls etc.
  3. Caulk-We caulk any minor cracks, gaps around trim, windows, doors, and baseboard. 
  4. Wall Repair-We fill any nail holes, gouges in the wall, holes, seams, etc.
  5. Sand-Walls are sanded as needed
  6. Primer-We prime as needed, repairs, stains, smoke damage, etc. 
  7. Paint-We only use premium paints, they are the most durable and give you a beautiful finish. In general we use 100% Acrylic Latex Green Paint's and apply two coats over the primer
  8. Cleaning-We sweep floors and vacuum carpets, putting all furniture and accessories back.
  9. Final Inspection-After our own inspection, the project will be walked with you, making sure you are 100% satisfied.

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